OPEN HOUSE Next Thursday, Nov. 4 10am-12pm

Please join us for coffee, treats and placemat shopping next Thursday at a Holiday Open House.  Come and bring your friends! With the holidays coming up, this is a great opportunity to adorn your tables and check off your shopping list.  Tabletop Truths make great gifts for all ages!
We will offer 10% off your total purchase!  Remember, these mats are made of durable 10mL lamination and can be easily wiped off or washed.  And don’t forget, they each come with a card full of questions, activities and games to use alongside your mats. 
Hope to see you Thursday!
The Home of Marsha Ross
1007 Holt St.
College Station, Tx 77840


  1. LOOOOOOVE Your new blog! I am so following you!

  2. The ultimate irony is that Lisa has a blog!!!! :)

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