Easter is Coming! Make your Easter Garden and get some free placemats!


Making an Easter Garden with your kids is a great way to reinforce the Easter Story!  Here are pics of the Sledge’s and Moffit’s gardens from last year. The first 3 families to email us a picture of your Easter Garden from THIS year will receive 2 free Easter placemats!

moffitt easter gardeneaster garden

And if you are wondering…WHAT is an Easter Garden?  Here you go…  Have fun being creative!

Easter gardens originated in Europe. You will find them displayed in cathedrals, churches, and homes throughout the Easter season. Easter gardens are designed to be a miniature “model” of the Easter story while also serving as a beautiful decoration.

To make an Easter garden, get a large, but shallow dish, platter or tray to use as your base. (Line with foil if you don’t want dirt touching it.) You will then use dirt/potting soil, plants, grasses, flowers, rocks (and whatever other natural items you find) to create your garden. You can make crosses out of twigs to put on a hill, make a tomb from a flower pot or container turned on its’ side and find a large rock to put by the tomb. Be creative! It is so much fun to go and “gather” all of your supplies in nature and create the garden together as a family. It will make a great centerpiece for your Easter table!


· Egg cartons cut up individually or votive holders make great “vases” to bury in the dirt and put flowers in for your garden.

· Even weeds make great little “flowers” for your garden.

· Moss from the floral section is a great filler and covers up soil nicely!

  • Hobby Lobby has resin Easter figurines in their Easter section.  (or you can make people out of popsicle sticks, etc.!)

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  1. This is such a fabulous idea! We loved making ours this morning. What a treasure to see the understanding light up in Lizzie's eyes. And what a joy to make something so beautiful in preparation for the most beautiful gift ever given. Thanks for the idea! Blessings!